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Painted Kitchens


Painted Kitchens an Alternative to Replacement

Whether you are selling, just bought your new home, are looking to update your home. Sprayed and hand-painted kitchens can be a cost-effective and less disruptive alternative to replacing.

There are a number of reasons sprayed and hand-painted kitchens can be an excellent alternative to replacing.

  • You may have good quality wooden kitchen cupboards you still love but wish to bring up to date.
  • Your kitchen cupboards look tired but still have a lot of life left in them or you wish to lighten up a dark oak kitchen without replacing it.
  • When moving home you may find your present kitchen is proving a problem to potential buyers. In this scenario, you may find a sprayed and hand-painted kitchens can be a cost-effective alternative to replacing.

On my home page video are just a few examples of my work. Choosing your colour and maybe updating the handles a  painted kitchen can transform that important part of the home.

Correct preparation and materials are the keys, so whether you have solid wood or laminated kitchen I use modern multi-surface primers that will prime almost any surface ready for your chosen paint finish. The paint I use is the same paint as I use on my furniture, it is an interior and exterior waterborne, matt acrylic enamel, with high durability. This paint can usually be tinted to any colour.

Painted kitchens, as well as painted furniture, really can transform and update a kitchen and home.

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